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Send voice messages by email

Send Voice Messages By Email

Record and share audio from your browser

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How we handle your voice messages

Your voice messages (the audio you record and send) are sent over the internet and saved on our servers in order to be shared.

Your voice messages are accessible to anyone with the link we provide you.

Your voice messages are deleted after one month. You are not be able to delete it yourself.

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No software installation

No software installation

This tool is based in your web browser, no software is installed on your device

Free to use

Free to use

It's free, no registration is needed and there is no usage limit

All devices supported

All devices supported

Send Voice is an online tool that works on any device that has a web browser including mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers



Feel safe to grant the permissions to access required resources on your device, these resources aren't used for any purpose other than stated


Send Voice Messages allows you to send voice messages by email and text message, and to share your voice recordings on Facebook, Twitter or any social media.

Audio is recorded directly from your browser in MP3 format. Your recording is then uploaded to the cloud and assigned a unique link. You share that link to your audience who will then be able to listen to your voice message.

Your voice messages are available through unique links that are near impossible to guess, for example: So your messages will only be available to the people you share those links with.

Your voice messages will be kept for one month after which they are deleted and thereby no more available to you or your audience.

The MP3 compression format gives great audio quality whilst keeping the size of your voice messages small, meaning that your messages are quick to download.

Our application is free, there is no registration required and there is no usage limit. You can use it as often as you want, creating and sharing as many voice messages as you want.

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